Anne Armes studio notes…… “ bit too ambitious”

My plan for this week was to make times for a regular daily art practice, but I’m afraid I fell off the easel this week and didn’t get much done!!!

I have been revisiting my inspiration board and trying to discern exactly why I chose these particular items, they all hold memories for me, cause an emotional response from my soul and link me to previous generations of my family.

The marks that resonate the most with me are the circles and dots, shell patterns, stitches and especially repetition of marks so I will try to bring some of these marks into my paintings.

I’m in the process of also redoing my “desires for the future board” which if I’m brave enough I’ll post on next weeks blog. It feels quite vulnerable to actually put in words what my hopes are for my work, looking into the future but I must admit I would like to exhibit it and share with others who might like it.

I’ve also spent about four hours painting this week, I know not as much as I was hoping to do but life sometimes takes over. I’ve been working on the four boards from last week by adding first some darks (a fifth board I painted completely black as I hated it so much but when I sand it who knows what will appear, it may redeem itself !!) then some lights greys, white and finally a lime green, which had appeared on the collage of all the boards, quite pleased with the results but obviously more layers and details to add.

I’m enjoying working on multiple boards at once, bringing them to the same level and letting each one influence the next. One board has begun to feel really like me and I’m leaving it for now and going to work on the other three, to let them get to the same stage (as CVP taught us to do) even though there is a temptation to keep working on the one I like. I’m trying to be patient and follow the principles 😉 Loving the learning process though and this one board helped me to see that I can do this!!Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope it might encourage others to realise that everyone can try a new skill, you just have to take “baby steps” to improve, what’s the worst that can happen, it’s only paint and you can cover it up if you don’t like it, these boards must have about ten layers now.

Published by Annearmes

I am an artist who previously worked with cloth and thread, so I have a good knowledge of design, I am now exploring painting to extend my skills, following on from a course called CVP with Nicholas Wilton. I am now exploring my own visual language using the principles that I have learnt on the way and translating this into my art practice.

19 thoughts on “Anne Armes studio notes…… “ bit too ambitious”

  1. Less “Looks interesting” and more “looks beautiful” now. Definately looking like your work too. Keep going. X


  2. They work for me…So good to see how you are taking the shapes, patterns and lines from your objects, and theorized palette ties everything together..creates unity. Keep going!


    1. I’m trying to find what feels like me, I can’t see a style yet unfortunately, i can see in the one I like that three shapes are the same size and need altering next, also the quiet conversation needs adding to with subtle marks but still a way to go. Playing on the other three today, to get them to feel like mine. Thanks for your encouragement


  3. Love your work here Anne.these are really lovely and interesting. So good to learn your thought process and how you are digging deep into your inspirations, something I didn’t do during the CVP course. You have inspired me to go back to my inspiration board and really think how I can use it in my paintings to make them more me. Keep up the good work .


    1. Thank you Cora I was going to choose a different inspiration source but these “embroidery bits and pieces” just keep calling me back, almost as if they are speaking to me x


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