In Conversation with………

This is a piece I’m working on for our UN:Hinged art exhibition in September (more details nearer the time). The group is four textile and mixed media artists, are all working in the same palette, on a 24″ x 30″ canvas panel, based on the theme Permission Granted (which is the title of our exhibition), but working in our own individual styles. These pieces will be shown alongside our other very diverse work.

This is my mixed media panel after about 4 passes, just working intuitively, with no finished design in mind, it’s now beginning to talk to me about my next steps but only in a very quiet whisper, so far.

It’s so hot here in the UK, 29* that I’ve had to stop until it’s cooler this evening, so I’m sat in the shade, with a long, cold drink considering my next steps in the process.

Part of our brief is to add some form of text, I’m thinking of using my Granmas embroidery book, dated 16th October 1916, as inspiration. It contains her hand written notes and stitch diagrams from College and is so very precious to me, along with other family textiles and haberdashery items, which I’ve using as my design source for my textile and sketchbook work, for a few years now, I’m now trying to translate them into my painting process too.

UN:Hinged…….. Anne Armes, Ruth Duffy, Lindsay Fellowes and Sally Harrison

Published by Annearmes

I am an artist who previously worked with cloth and thread, so I have a good knowledge of design, I am now exploring painting to extend my skills, following on from a course called CVP with Nicholas Wilton. I am now exploring my own visual language using the principles that I have learnt on the way and translating this into my art practice.

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