Anne Armes Art

“The heart like the mind, has a memory and in it are kept our most precious keepsakes”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

About Me

I’ve been  a textile artist, for more years than I care to remember but I started painting three years ago, due to arthritis affecting my hand stitching and I’ve fallen in love with it. For me it’s the process of painting that’s exciting and I’ve recently been enjoying working in paper, cloth stitch and paint.  


Old family textiles, book, threads and tools bring with them their own stories  and memories linking the generations of my family. Textiles had been an important part of my familys life, my granma was a fantastic knitter, crocheter and ran a knitting shop with my mum and my daughter who is know in Australia managing knitting and craft stores. There must be something in our genes!


Textiles have always been my passion but I have recently discovered a real love of paint and am now developing a style to incorporate them both. I am also a firm believer in sketchbooks. We all have an inner artist and taking time to indulge this creative side is important to us all.

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