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 “Tell your own story and you will be interesting”.  

  Louise Bourgeois

The emergence of Spring and new ideas

Cloth is very powerful when it retains traces of its previous life, gathers history and becomes something new”. Dorothy Caldwell This quote has really resonated with me today, as we emerge from a cold, dark winter here in the UK, as the trees begin to bud and the daffodils and tulips bloom, I too feel as if I’m emerging from a form of creative hibernation. I’ve been reflecting during this time, on how I would like my art and life to grow in the future, I’ve used my family textile and associated ephemera as my design source for a fewContinue reading “The emergence of Spring and new ideas”

What a difference a few weeks make!

I’ve been working on these two panels during March, they originally were made for the wedding of my daughter, Tori, in June 2020, which unfortunately was postponed until June this year 2021. This March when the roadmap out of lockdown was announced in the Uk, the wedding was postponed yet again, so I decided to completely paint over these pieces and make her fresh ones for her big day, now in 2023. Somehow the 2020 ones didn’t feel appropriate for such a long anticipated event, so I won’t even think about making a new one(s) until nearer the time, althoughContinue reading “What a difference a few weeks make!”

The Magic of Black & White

It has been a cold and snowy week here in the Uk, which is not something we get very often, so when it does happen, we have to make the most of it, so I’ve had lots of stunning walks with my labrador Tilly, just enjoying the sheer beauty of the transformation of my world by the snow. I love how the world seems quieter and the light feels purer and brighter, all my senses seem to be heightened by by the magical glistening snow. I think this has also influenced my art this week too, I’ve been re-evaluating someContinue reading “The Magic of Black & White”

A new year and a new focus

It’s been a long time since I posted a Studio Notes, there are lots of possible excuses that I could use such as ill health but the honest truth is that as well as not being well, that I felt I’d lost touch with my art practice, then the Covid lockdown started in March 2020, which I found quite hard to cope with and we are still in a state of lockdown at the moment in the Uk. However after doing a lot of thinking and journalling over the last few weeks, which I found incredibly useful, making new plansContinue reading “A new year and a new focus”


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