Disaster fortnight…. Cautionary note about dyes!!

In my previous textiles life, I’ve always enjoyed dyeing with procion MX dyes, to produce my own palette of cloth to work with, I just loved the sight of these brightly coloured hand-dyed fabrics drying on the clothes line. The photo is one of my textile pieces, it is 2m square, made up of tiny “log cabin cushions” each about 4cm sq, all of which I’ve dyed.


I had an angiogram a few days after my last post and unfortunately had a severe reaction to the iodine in the dye. Skin burning, very itchy and generally unwell, so I’ve not touched a paintbrush since then. I did however have a little play with my mouse sander and managed a little “art therapy” from the sofa, a concertina sketchbook, Art Graf and couple of mediums from Jackson’s, so I’ll be ready to start again this weekend.

I have to say my rash obeyed all the best design principles, different scale from pinprick to side plates, changes of tone and shape and of course texture!!!

I’ve only done one hour studio time this fortnight but I’ll make up for it now, as I’m going holiday with three friends to Wales this weekend, for two whole weeks to relax and paint, probably in my sketchbook.

Images of three boards which I literally threw paint on, to try (unsuccessfully) to be a bit more loose with my painting style but I hated the process and the results, so I put these on one side. Last week I painted over them in white acrylic, just to put a studio hour in my weekly art planner, then I’ve sanded them back. This has uncovered some beautiful subtle details which I love, offering opportunities to explore further.

Details…… having something on the board to respond to, makes the next stage so much easier hopefully.

Published by Annearmes

I am an artist who previously worked with cloth and thread, so I have a good knowledge of design, I am now exploring painting to extend my skills, following on from a course called CVP with Nicholas Wilton. I am now exploring my own visual language using the principles that I have learnt on the way and translating this into my art practice.

6 thoughts on “Disaster fortnight…. Cautionary note about dyes!!

  1. I’m so glad simething good came out of the mess you made at my urging! And you know what? These sanded pieces already look like you!


    1. Thanks Louise, at least doing them made me realise that free and abandoned isn’t my thing, probably in life as well as art but I was glad I tried it and it felt really good sanding these back, thinking of collage and blocks of paint next, leaving beautiful bits peeping through, for now!!!


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