I think I’m getting there!!!

I haven’t posted for a while as I’ve been busy painting and I must admit I’ve found it hard after the CVP program finished, however Louise Fletcher (check out her website I love her art) set up a group called CVP Redo. We are revisiting each week of CVP but this time taking two weeks to do it or working at a pace that’s suits each individual, we share our frustrations, anxieties and joys with each other, it’s an amazing group with Louise keeping us on track with suggestions and encouragement.

These pieces I am calling finished, there is a fourth one which is being like a naughty child and not behaving, as it should yet (it will succumb eventually I’m sure). I’ll just keep creating layers until it reaches the level of these. These boards have evolved over time and to be honest I can’t remember each stage, once I’d created a board I liked, I’ve spent about a week refining and adding small details. I’m sure I could go on doing this forever but I’m drawing a line and applying their finishing coats now and having them framed.

Today I’ve started four more boards using acrylic and collage, with landscapes as a design source, so you can watch these develop over the next few weeks, there are so many layers involved to build up a history on the panel, that it’s not a quick process!!,

Published by Annearmes

I am an artist who previously worked with cloth and thread, so I have a good knowledge of design, I am now exploring painting to extend my skills, following on from a course called CVP with Nicholas Wilton. I am now exploring my own visual language using the principles that I have learnt on the way and translating this into my art practice.

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