Disaster fortnight…. Cautionary note about dyes!!

In my previous textiles life, I’ve always enjoyed dyeing with procion MX dyes, to produce my own palette of cloth to work with, I just loved the sight of these brightly coloured hand-dyed fabrics drying on the clothes line. The photo is one of my textile pieces, it is 2m square, made up of tinyContinue reading “Disaster fortnight…. Cautionary note about dyes!!”

Anne Armes studio notes…… “ bit too ambitious”

My plan for this week was to make times for a regular daily art practice, but I’m afraid I fell off the easel this week and didn’t get much done!!! I have been revisiting my inspiration board and trying to discern exactly why I chose these particular items, they all hold memories for me, causeContinue reading “Anne Armes studio notes…… “ bit too ambitious””

Anne Armes studio notes….. “the journey starts here”

I am a textile artist, tutor and mentor but recently the arthritis in my hands, has forced me to look for a new challenge, I started following Alice Sheridan on Facebook last year and she introduced me to an online program for artists called the “Creative Visionary Program” CVP led by the American artist NicholasContinue reading “Anne Armes studio notes….. “the journey starts here””